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Post-Covid World: Let’s Think Beyond Economy

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“Mitigating Inequality and Removing Structural Roadblock Should be Aimed for Post Covid 19 Recovery”, expresses Raja Kadri in interview with Binny Yadav Are we more...

COVID -19, Climate Change and Post-Pandemic Ethics By Dr. Bobby Luthra Sinha

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Well-being and Livelihood amidst Disease and Pollution We know not whether the Novel Corona Virus is directly “good” or “bad” for the climate, but the...

Of COVID-19, Magical Realism, Vultures and Prophets of Doom: Die, The Argumentative Indian? I
By Dr. Bobby Luthra Sinha

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COVID-19 may seem no different, yet we can pledge to make a difference COVID -19 has not just cracked the system at various levels globally...