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Is Election Commission of India fair enough in publishing suggestive Advertisements for voters during election time?

Binny Yadav
On 22 March, all major newspapers in India carried full-page advertisement from the Election Commission of India emphasising how the commission has been conducting elections...

With ‘Nanda Devi’ South Asian cinema gets a new leaf through international collaborations for South Asian-themed content

Ramya Sundara Raman
Human tragedies and natural disasters have been time tested themes for cinema. They never fail on box office and when these themes have controversies roped...

Racism in British Monarchy only credulous

Dr Neelam Batra Verma
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview has not just triggered the racism row but brings forth the hypocrisy of how British have ruled the world....

An Ode to Womanhood Through Female Anthem

Medha Pande
Music transcends boundaries, emotions are universal and when the two come together it shakes the beliefs and the dogmas. International Women’s Day, besides the celebration,...

A Joke, That is ‘Freedom Of Speech’ !

Gyaneshwar Dayal
Now that the intolerance debate is over, and it has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that we are a tolerant nation, we can safely...

Why India Needs to Watch-out the Development from Imran Khan’s Sri Lanka Visit

Binny Yadav
In diplomatic parlance every visit by the state head is viewed through the point of view of the timing, content and the outcome. Given that...

Maldives and Mauritius Hold Importance for India in its Maritime Diplomacy

Binny Yadav
Diplomacy and Strategic engagements in Asian region suddenly seem to be getting aggressive once again giving a hint of how things might turn up in...

India-Ecuador Ties: Gateway to South America

Prof (Dr) D.K. Giri
The Ecuador Ambassador to India Hector Gonzalo Cueva Jacome, recently expressed that India has big opportunities in Ecuador which could potentially turn to be the...