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Rohingya Relocation

Bangladesh is about to relocate thousands of Rohingyas to the remote island of Bhasan Char in the Bay of Bengal anytime soon according to some unconfirmed reports. After Bangladesh relocated around 1600 Rohingya refugees-members of a Muslim minority who fled Myanmar to escape violence, earlier this month to flood-prone Bhasan Char island around thousand more Rohingyas are about to be moved to the island soon. It is however said that only those Rohingyas willing to relocate would be moved to ease out crowding at Cox’s bazar refugee camps, but humanitarian
workers and organisations worry about the prospects of Rohingya being coerced into going to the island, which emerged from the sea only 20 years ago and is prone to cyclones and other environmental vulnerability. Many attempts of repatriations of Rohingyas back to Myanmar have failed as these people are too fearful because of the violence against them.