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Asian News Makers

Somethings are purely driven out of passion. is one such platform of journalism which was started with the moto of ‘Life First’.

Moving on the basic principle that survival of this world depends on the survival of life, we aim to look at issues of ‘survival of life’ not through the aim of daily reportage of events but by exploring what causes accidents and what lead to eventualities.

We aim to document the life through visual medium (documentary films) while also expressing it at digital medium in the form of feature, analysis, opinion and sometime news too.

Recognising The Power Of Citizen Journalist

At ANM we believe coverage of realities shouldn’t be restricted to daily news only. It is more important now in the era of digital transformation of news when every single person in itself is a representation of citizen journalism with the power of digital media, that we focus beyond the news. It is time, we think how to acknowledge this digital empowerment.

It is also time to acknowledge more the power of news in the times when news is not the fiefdom of those few, sitting and planning the stories in the newsrooms, because of digital information outbreak.

People have equal if not more, the access to news and information and people have more means to connect back and cross check more. Therefore, it is most important that people are empowered with the right kind of information.

It is important to bust this concept of ‘agenda journalism’ which has seeped in of late in the profession of journalism.

Acknowledging Real News Makers

Long gone are the times when news media was the only connect between the policy makers, opinion makers and the public. The challenges for news are immense in this age of New Media and age of Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, acknowledging the shifting challenges when daily news, Television Prime Time and Newspapers are shifting their pace to fit into the changing expectations, ANM tries to look at the news differently- through the eyes of those who should be the real News Makers.

We want to redefine the concept of News Makers. These are not those power centres of politics or Power centres of Society and various institutions and heads of the countries and the state.

These News Makers should be those towards whom the politics should be directed, those where the policies should be aimed at and those for whom the institutions should be accountable and be responsible.

Voice Of The People

Becoming the voice of people is what we at ANM aims at. Featuring the issues of the people, featuring lives while also talking about the struggle of people with the issues around them.

Becoming the voice of everything what makes the life-the environment, the rivers, the waterbodies, the air, the ecology and every ecosystem small or big which helps restore the cycle of life and the pyramid of life.

Focus South Asia

And yes, South Asia is our focus. There are many similarities-the shared history, shared geographical challenges, many common problems and most important the poverty and the issues of development and the issues of population growth and issues of unavailability of means to exploit the available resources.

Geo-political diplomacy and its effect on the population of South Asian countries is an important area of our focus.

And how? Not through coverage of daily events but by analysing the politics, by featuring the people, by talking about the new ‘News Makers’ and the common people and the related exploitation.

Not Only The Issues Of Humanities But

When we say not only the issues, we mean the ‘life also’. Whatever makes life and whatever supports life is what should be talked about.

The music, the art, the culture, the food and the travel are our focus too.  How the life is restored and cherished- ANM aims to hold these aspects high and highlight whatever makes the life important, whatever makes life beautiful and a matter of enjoyment.

Our Appeal

We are committed that we are not moving alone.

We want you, the people, the power centres, the institutions and all those of you who have belief in life, to come along in this journey.

All those who want to restore life and believe in, ‘nothing but the life’.

No Left, No Centre, No Right. JUST Being RIGHT.

Come Along in this voyage of restoring and recognising life.