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Life is a journey. In this voyage of emptiness in life let us fill the colours of news, art, literature and culture to inform, educate, motivate and entertain the people. Asian News makers provides a platform and space to project objectivity and fearlessness in news and creativity in promoting art, literature and culture.

It is an endeavor of two creative minds to motivate the people from all walks of life to plant a few seeds of creativity in the barrenness of wasteland. Join us to create a new movement of objectivity and fearlessness in news.


It is an endeavor of two journalists Binny Yadav and Dalip MacCune to take an independent path and cover stories which matter from Asia. Besides news section we will also be having special sections on lifestyle, travel, tourism, business, art and culture. We do not want to look right or left but want to focus on news destination.

It will be our objective to make news credible with integrity and innovative documentaries, films and programming. We intend to dig out subjects which are swept under the carpet by most of the news channels and newspapers.

We believe in finding solutions and having a debate on human rights, social justice and civil rights. It will be our endeavour to motivate people to become active and participate in social and political debate so that a few self-styled political fringe groups do not frighten and abduct the democratic fabric of the world. We intend to take people’s cause so that citizens of the world can live with peace and harmony.

Asian News makers will become a global destination to promote vibrant travel destinations, culture and artists from across the world. Our web site would like to join hands with artists, journalists and writers of the world to exchange and promote art, literature, culture and films. Through our website we will strive to promote and work of new artists, singers, musicians, actors and also provide a platform to all the budding artists to showcase their talent to the world.


To Asian News Makers – news matters as much as the matter of the news. News is often lost in the clutter, distraction of information and pollution in news-rooms. It will be our endeavor to do a reality check and raise pertinent questions related to issues connected with humanity and good governance.

News is the only way to remain connected with the people. News informs, educates and entertains people but it should not be influenced by political overtones. Asian News Makers will connect communities and help them to become a part of decision-making process. We will connect people from different time zones, different nationalities because humanity is our prime concern. In conflict zones, war never wins, its humanity, which prevails over killings and terrorism.

For Asian News Makers humanitarian issues are of prime concern we will go to any length to cover news from conflict zones and try to collect enough evidence and lobby to fix a problem. News covered by Asian News Makers will have an angle of strategic cooperation for the peaceful co-existence. In an ideological warfare, diplomacy may seem weak and prosaic but we have to find an opportunity to balance the news and tell the truth with grit and determination.

For us news is courage to fight for the oppressed and promote righteousness to save humanity from oppression and starvation.

Where there are a lot of people gathered there is opportunity to advertise. This advertising sometimes can cause a conflict of interest in the way news is reported.


Asian News Makers has two news warriors Binny Yadav and  Dalip MacCune. Who have joined hands to cover the news that matters in all time zones and nationalities.

Both these news warriors have experience of over three decades in covering news, making documentaries and films. It is their passion to visit war zones and conflict zones to cover news and raise pertinent questions related to humanitarian crisis.

We seek your blessings, cooperation and support to do journalism of courage, grit and determination.