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Year : 2020


Cinematic Transformation in 2020

Dr Neelam Batra Verma
The entertainment industry, which initially came to a total halt in March 2020, experienced the biggest change in its more than century old presence. While...

Farmers’ Protest: Evolving Sentiments

Binny Yadav
Chilly winter winds, dipping temperatures, deaths of their fellow farmers and hardships of spending endless days and nights away from the comforts of home and...

Corona Mutates: Can We Afford Another Lockdown By Binny Yadav

Asian News Makers
Even as corona 19 mutates to new virus strain, we can’t afford to siege the world once again. Only option is to use the knowledge...

Medicine for Corona: Hope in Offing By ANM Bureau

Asian News Makers
Amidst race for Covid 19 vaccines research by Boston scientists raises hope of medicine for corona With the first shot of covid 19 vaccination in...

‘Risk-Free’ to Kill Journalists?

Nirendra Dev
“There is no single explanation as to why journalists are targeted, but one of the principal causes has always been wars and armed conflicts where journalists...

Great Game of North East India By Nirendra Dev

Asian News Makers
North East India may prove to be a game changer in geopolitics of South East Asia. Recent developments in the region have exposed India &...